bonus spin blackjack

Table Games Hit Blackjack so you can spin the wheel. You and everyone else playing could win an additional prize!

Bonus Spin Blackjack Progressive: $12,399.83

As of January 13, 2020

How To Play: 
  1. Make a regular Blackjack wager. 
  2. Make the optional fixed $1 Bonus Spin side bet. 
  3. Players who are dealt a Blackjack will press a button that spins a virtual wheel allowing them to win various prizes or a top jackpot award. 
  4. All Bonus Spin side bets lose if players do not have a Blackjack in their first two cards. 
Share the wealth! 
  • Even without getting a Blackjack, players have a chance to win a prize if the wheel lands on a slice with multiple payouts. The player with the Blackjack wins the larger amount and anyone at the table who made the Bonus Spin side bet wins the secondary.


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