How do I log in?
Click on the webPASS page found on the bottom navigation bar.

Select the login button located in the right hand corner. Choose between logging in with your Facebook account or your webPASS account.
How do I change my user account name?
Customers are currently unable to do this on their own. They will need to submit a request to have their name changed by selecting Site Feedback from the very bottom navigation options.
How do I change my account email address?
Customers are currently unable to do this on their own. They will need to submit a request to have their email address changed. Select Site Feedback from the very bottom navigation options.
How do I reset my password?
Note you will need to know your username to reset your password. Click on the webPASS page found on the middle navigation bar. Select the login button located in the right hand corner. Choose the first option: Login with webPASS. Pick Forgot Username or Password under the login option and then choose forgot password. Follow the prompts and then look for an email from:
Why is password is already in the box?
The dots that are currently in the password box are place holders. Every time you come visit the site, you will need to re-enter your password.
Can I auto-save my password on my computer?
No, you are currently unable to auto-save your password.
I sent the request to reset and have not received a response?
The password reset request is emailed to the address you used to register your account. Make sure and check your spam box. Additionally you can add: to your safe senders list to ensure you receive the email.
How long do reset requests take?
Reset requests are emailed instantly to the email that was used to register the account.
What is a webCREDIT?
webCREDITs are the rewards you receive for completing certain actions on our website, such as: daily logins, inviting a friend, and featured promotions just to name a few. Check the Earn Tab for a complete list. webCREDITs have no monetary value. Check the redeem tab often to see what rewards your webCREDITS can be redeemed for.
How much Free Play can I receive for my webCREDITS?
webCREDITs have no monetary value. However, occasionally you can use webCREDITs to redeem Cannery Rewards located on the Redeem tab.
I did not intend to spend my webCREDITs, how can I obtain them back?
webCREDITs will be refunded on a case by case basis for Perks only. webCREDITs cannot be refunded for Cannery Rewards or any other Special Offers.
Why am I not receiving webCREDITs?
In order to earn webCREDITs, you will need to create an account and login. Once logged in, you can earn webCREDITs daily. See the Earn tab for a list of all tasks.
At what time do webCREDITs reset?
webCREDIT earning methods are updated at 10pm PST daily.
When do webCREDITs expire?
webCREDITs expire after ninety (90) days of inactivity.
How can I use webCREDITs?
webCREDITs can be used to unlock a variety of entertaining upgrades, as well as to enter into onsite property and virtual drawings for Free Play, cash and other prizes. webCREDITs can also be redeemed for special money saving opportunities on an array of items. See the Redeem tab for a complete list.
Where can I find my webCREDIT total?
Once logged into the webPASS page, you can locate your total in the right hand corner above your name. See sample image below
Where do I view my activity?
To view activity log into webPASS click on the My webPASS tab located amongst the series of tabs.
Do I need specific software to play the games?
Yes, Adobe Flash plugin is required to play all games. This is a free download from
Where do I put my code?
If you received a special webCREDIT Bonus code, log into webPASS. Once logged in, select the Redeem Tab and enter your code in the enter code box within the webCREDIT Bonus Code section.
Why do I have to print a voucher?
The voucher helps us to identify you as a winner. Please bring your printed voucher and photo id with you to the casino at the location specified in the voucher details.
How do I enter into a webPASS drawing?
Log into your webPASS account daily and play the Featured Promotion* located on the Earn tab. Participation and earning of webCREDITs automatically gives you one (1) or more entries into the drawings. *Check the Earn tab to ensure there is a Featured Promotion for that month.
Do I need to be present for the drawings?
If the drawing is held onsite at the actual property, you will need to be present. However, if the drawing is virtual, you do not need to be present. Please review the rules for each promotion to ensure you are in compliance.
How do I know if I won anything over webPASS?
Once logged into your webPASS account, a notification will appear informing you that you have won. Additionally you can view your vouchers on the Redeem tab. Winners may also receive an email notification to the email address associated with your account.
Can multiple webCREDIT accounts be merged?
Multiple webCREDIT accounts cannot be merged, but a duplicate account can be deleted by our support staff. Contact us by selecting Site Feedback navigation options located at the bottom of the page.
Instructions to delete a third-party plug-ins:
Log in issues are sometimes caused by third-party plug-ins. To verify, you will need to disable any installed plug-ins by the following the appropriate instructions for your browser:

Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Choose Tools from the menu.
3. From the resulting drop-down menu, choose Manage Add-ons, followed by Enable or Disable Add-ons....
4. In the Manage Add-ons window, choose Add-ons that have been used by Internet Explorer from the Show: drop-down box.

The resulting list will show every add-on that Internet Explorer has ever used. If an add-on is causing the problem you're troubleshooting, it will be one of the add-ons listed here.

5. Select the first add-on listed, then select the Disabled radio button in the Settings area at the bottom of the window, and click OK.
6. Click OK if prompted with a "For changes to take effect, you might need to restart Internet Explorer" message.
7. Close and then reopen Internet Explorer.
8. Test whatever activities in Internet Explorer were causing the problem you're troubleshooting here.

If the problem is not resolved, repeat Steps 1 through 7, disabling one more add-on at a time until your problem is resolved.

9. If you've disabled all Internet Explorer 7 add-ons and your problem still continues, you may need to Delete Internet Explorer ActiveX Controls as an additional troubleshooting step.


1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
2. Click Tools.
3. Select Extensions.
4. Click the trash can icon by the extension you'd like to completely remove.
5. Once a confirmation dialog appears, click Remove.

Instructions for other browsers can be found through your favorite search engine provider.
How do I determine the IP address of my computer?
Please click on the following website to obtain your IP address:
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