MixItUpQ: Tell us about this winning Social Media Drink Recipe and how to actually make the drink?

My drink is made by filling a highball glass with ice and adding 1 1⁄2 oz rum, 1⁄2 oz of pineapple juice and 1⁄2 oz cranberry juice to fill the glass. Then, add 5 drops of Tabasco sauce. Then the fun part - make a basketball hoop by stabbing a cherry through a lemon twist!

Q: How did you decide on the ingredients?

I chose ingredients because it was easy to make and very tasty.

Q: How would you describe your background as a bartender?

I got my start at 20 by cleaning and answering phones at American Bartending School in San Diego. I also helped place school graduates in jobs when I finally completed the course. I used my skills to land a great job at Finnigan’s Pub. Then, I moved to Las Vegas when I turned 21 and started making cocktails at the Nevada Palace. Thirty years later I’m still having fun at my job.

Q: What kind of drinks do you enjoy making the most? And what are the most popular drinks you serve to your guests?

I enjoy making customers happy by creating drinks the way they personally like them, though Bloody Mary’s are very popular.

Q: Do customer tastes change from season to season in Las Vegas? What are your guests’ favorite summer drinks?

Favorite summer cocktails are the fruity drinks, really pretty drinks and margarita’s.